It’s no secret that the world of online gaming can be an extremely toxic place and you’ve probably even been toxic yourself. It can come in many different forms, arguing because you lost, raging because you’re lagging or you got killed by a lucky shot. We’ve all been a little upset at some point playing a game when something doesn’t go our way but this COD player is in a different realm of salty.

She goes by the name Lexlou930 on TikTok and posted a video of what happened when she schooled an entire lobby on SnD and COD being COD there was someone on the enemy team who couldn’t hack it. Minding her own business and casually carrying her team until someone on the opposition picked up that she was a woman then he decided to let loose a barrage of petty insults…

You can watch this COD player rage below, beware it’s pretty cringe.


Is jump shorting that over powered??? #girlgamer #twitch #streamer #callofduty #snd

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As you can see Lexlou doesn’t rise to the argument but instead keeps her cool being respectful which we can tell only made the salty player saltier. It’s quite funny but at the same time, some of the insults are just painful to listen to. It’s this is what women experience on daily basis playing games then it’s no wonder it’s not up until the last couple of years we’ve seen an increase of female gamers.

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