Planet-Sol a Pokémon Styled NFT Game Kicking Up a Storm

The team behind the UK based NFT game ‘Planet-Sol’ create incredible looking art and are building a hyper-engaged community with an incredible roadmap to keep members invested in their project. They “didn’t want to create another collection of Dolphins wearing top hats with lasers shooting out of their eyes”. Instead, they want to offer a

PS5 Jailbreak May Happen After Hacker Group Discovery

A group of hackers have claimed to have decrypted the PS5 allowing them to jailbreak it and make significant changes to the console.  Hacking group ‘FailOverflow’ that managed to find their way into the PS3 several years ago recently posted on Twitter the acclaimed PS5 ‘Root Keys’ – for none hackers, these are taken they

What Are NFTs And How They Can Disrupt The Gaming World

Non-Fungible Tokens ‘NFTs’ are the most current internet obsession. The term itself may lead people to think that they’re just people with money buying things out of ego but, that’s not true… Some are throwing NFTs into the same category as joke-cryptocurrency like Elon Musk’s Dogecoin or the GameStop meme trading spike. However, NFTs are

A Quite Place Video Game Is Officially In The Pipeline

Ladies and gentlemen, can we get a little silence, please? A Quiet Place video game is supposedly on the way. I’m sure you’ve heard of the movie which came from the incredible mind of John Krasinski’s mind in 2018 and the more recent sequel which launched this year. Now it could be expanding into the