With the new Season 2 trailer dropping it’s revealed some major changes to expect on launch and throughout Warzone Season 2.

Call of Duty has recently released a huge blog detailing the Warzone Season 2 road map alongside a trailer. It shows a bunch of changes and additions players can look forward to including three new operators to arrive throughout season 2.

Let’s dive into what the trailer showed us for Warzone.

Warzone Vehicles

There’s a short clip of the bomber plane that’s set to demolish Caldera from above. The trailer shows them raining down artillery destroying loadout drops and buy stations.

There’s also armoured transport that carries chemical weapons throughout Caldera and players will be able to take these down and loot them for valuable rewards

New additions

Redeploy balloons are heading to Caldera giving players the opportunity to quickly reposition and travel around the map.

The trailer also showed a new field upgrade ‘Portable Decontamination Station’. You can see it being used below to protect players inside from the deadly Nebula V gas.

Nebula V Bomb

The trailer has given us an idea as to what the bomb will look like in Season 2 and that it will be a very rare item that can cause massive destruction.

If the blast radius is the same as it is in the trailer players won’t be able to escape easily.


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