Even if you don’t play Warzone it’s probably safe to say you know about the hacking problem Activision are experiencing. Gamers who instead of playing fair and square, relying on skill to win they prefer to hack the game. Hackers have become an increasingly worsening problem for not just Warzone but for free to play online games overall; when one account gets banned they can just create another and they’re able to play again. But the new Call of Duty Warzone anti-cheat may have something to show for this. 

The popular Charlie Intel spotted a post by TikToker Rushman360 in which he tells his followers that not one but ALL his Warzone accounts have been banned, even the ones he hasn’t played on yet. This shows us that Activision is taking things a step further and started to ban hardware as opposed to just accounts. Though there are ways to sidestep this by spoofing hardware IDs, this is another sign that Activision is taking more steps to prevent cheaters from ruining their game. 

Rushman360 admits he had been cheating a bit and posting videos to his TikTok that show him using wallhack for example. Surprisingly he doesn’t seem upset by the ban, in fact, he seems quite the opposite congratulating Activision on taking a big step to prevent hackers. That being said since he uploaded the original post showing him being banned he has gone on to post more clips of him hacking in Warzone. 


He also revealed that accounts he had created and not even played on were also banned, he then went on to say that this update may open the door for content creators to jump back into Verdansk. What do you think about this new Warzone anti-cheat system?

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