It’s been confirmed that Terminator skins will be coming to Warzone as a part of the upcoming mid-season update.

However, whilst the new patches are kicking off next week, the T-1000 and T-800 Terminator skins are not going live with them.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to be able to purchase the new limited-time bundle.

Terminator skins in Warzone are landing in August

Raven Software has shared that the mid-season Warzone update will be live on July 27, 2022. This much-needed patch is expected to go live around 5pm BST.

It’s safe to say there will be tonnes of content to get your hands on during the Mercenaries of Fortune Reloaded event, some of it being timed. This suggests not everything will be available from the get-go, including the iconic skins announced recently.

Many fans may have already known about the skin drop via leaks leading up to the announcement. Now we know for certain there will be two Warzone Terminator bundles available to purchase when the Mercenaries of Fortune Reloaded patch goes live.

As of yet, we don’t know the exact date or time when they will go live but there will be two bundles going live at different dates throughout the Reloaded Season.

However do know that they will be live during August via this message from Raven Software, “From the iconic 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-800 and T-1000 Terminator units are deploying in two limited-time Bundles available throughout the month of August.”

Descriptions of each bundle can be found below:

T-800 Mastercraft Ultra Operator Bundle: “This ten-item Bundle features the Ultra-rarity “Model T-800” Operator paired with its own Finishing Move, Play of the Game, and MVP highlights for a truly immersive experience. Also, get the “Neural Net Processor” Ultra Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, “Coltan Alloy” and “Motorhead” Legendary Weapon Blueprints, “Always Scanning” Charm, “I’ll Be Back” Animated Emblem, and the “Infrared Optics” Reticle.”

Terminator T-1000 Ultra Operator Bundle: “The Ultra “Model T-1000” Operator leads this ten-item Bundle, also featuring its own Finishing Move, Play of the Game, and MVP highlights, as well as three Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Liquid Metal” SMG, the “Persistent Mission” Assault Rifle, and the “Identity Theft” LMG. Also equip the “Alternative Future” Watch, the animated “Full Chase” Emblem, and the animated “Unstoppable” Calling Card.”

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