Fnatic Make G2 Miss Worlds For The First Time In History!

G2 Esports will miss the worlds League of Legends Championship for the first time since forming. This year Fnatic have taken their place. After tonnes of build up hype and a best-of-five series no one could ever predict, Fnatic beat G2 Esports 3-2 to join Rogue and MAD Lions representing the EU at Worlds this

Esports Association Call For Disabled Gaming Tournaments 

British Esports Association plans to make disabled gaming tournaments accessible to gamers with a whole range of disabilities. This movement came after this year’s Association of Colleges’ FIFA Cup running until May and includes three disabled gamers. Students play against each other every week until May and then post their results online. 2021 is the

Fortnite Competitive Rule Changes Have Been Explained

The competitive Fortnite team have explained the new rules around disconnecting, wagering and more before the start of Season 6 FNCS. With Fortnite Season 6 FNCS just around the corner Epic Games have begun outlining the rules to ensure competitive players know what to expect. They’ve released a blog explaining some of the most prominent

Offensive Tweet Gets Fortnite Team Disqualified From FNCS 

The competitive gaming scene is renown for its light-hearted trash talk, it’s a part of most sports but why? Mainly to get in the head of the opposition making them question themselves gaining the mental edge. This time it was taken too far and saw a pro-Fortnite team disqualified from the Fortnite Champion Series which

Vikkstar quits Call of Duty but still has communication with Activision

Noone likes a cheat – Warzone players are becoming increasingly annoyed with the amount of foul play in the game and tensions seem to be reaching boiling point following the news that one of Call of Duty‘s largest content creators, Vikkstar has quit! But despite parting ways, Vikkstar claims that he still has an ‘open line of