WhatNot Live Auctions

Live selling is taking over with Whatnot auctions.

In the current landscape of social media, video content, particularly live video, has become a dominant force. This trend has naturally extended to reselling platforms, with pioneers initially venturing into live selling via platforms like Instagram Live. Now, dedicated apps are emerging to streamline the process of hosting live sales, with WhatNot leading the charge.
VeeFriends Series 2 Compete and Collect

VeeFriends Exciting World of Physical Collectibles: Nostalgic Trading Cards Blend Tradition with Web3 Innovation

Ever since its inception, VeeFriends has been dedicated to offering unique opportunities and value to its community. In a recent move, VeeFriends introduced physical collectibles in the form of trading cards, blending nostalgia with the Web3 innovation that defines VeeFriends. On the digital front, VeeFriends Series 1 debuted in May 2021 with 10,255 NFTs and