Ultimate Gaming Bed

Picture this; it’s the weekend, you’ve got nothing planned for the day and the crew are about to hop online…. Nobody want’s to get out of bed, make food, get a drink to then be back in the same spot, Bauhutte to the rescue! Their incredible gaming bed has it all, including headphone hanger, cup holders, drinks rack, a gaming sofa and much more! Now you can eat, sleep, play, repeat without moving an inch.

Bauhutte stated “When you wake up you have to go from bed to your desk. But why is that simple action such a pain to do? 

Every gamer must have thought this at least once, and Bauhutte has come up with a solution to that problem with the gaming bed”. Well, they aren’t wrong, we have certainly thought about it! 

The set up which at the moment is only available for single-use starts at around £450 for the basic version. 

Gaming Bed

Ultimate Gaming Bed

With all the extra add ons you’ll be looking at price tag of approx £820. 

No matter what your platform is, this gaming bed will cater for you. If you have a PC you can hook up to dual monitors right at the foot of your bed AND they throw in a gaming sofa to support your back during those long sessions with the crew, how thoughtful!

I wonder if they’ll ever think of a solution for toilet breaks? The only true unavoidable downfall in this amazing design. 

Gaming chairs are becoming increasingly popular some kitted out with extra screens, speakers and more. 

If we were to mention the best one out today is has to be the Thronos Air Gaming Chair which will set you back a bank-breaking £11,500! However, once you’ve sat it in we can guarantee you’ll never want to leave!

Bauhutte also has a “gaming theatre” feature which allows you to project your game onto a wall while you still haven’t had to get up.

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