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InnerSloth’s game “Among Us” has taken the gaming world by storm! It’s a social deduction which relies on multiple online gamers and to think that people are asking for a single-player mode seems, bizarre to say the least, right?

If you’re unfamiliar with Among Us (where have you been hiding?) here are the need to knows… A band of crewmates on a space ship have to go about completing tasks but ‘among’ them there’s a least one imposter who can kill the crew and they have to figure out who the imposter is. 

Among Us fans can mod/alter gameplay via different settings, but the main theme remains it’s a ‘social reduction’ game which requires communicating with others, a key part of the experience. 

Never the less, fans are still wanting more! A single-player mode which allows people to play the game solo. There is a Freeplay mode which can be played solo but it’s more of a practice tool where you can explore maps and complete tasks without the fear of being executed but, you with that fear it’s just not the same. 

Among Us single-player, would it work?

Well, we think it would be perfect for newcomers who want to test the waters and figure the lay of the land instead of being chucked into the deep end online. Let’s be honest for a moment, the online community can be very toxic especially to those who are new to games come up against more seasoned players. If you’re able to choose your role it could be the perfect way to learn the way of the imposter and become the Agent 47 of imposters. 

Also, it gives parents who want their kids to play the game but not with strangers online an opportunity to do so. Among Us are doing a decent job of keeping their community clean but, as we mentioned above the online community can be toxic and long with this there are also cheaters and hackers. A single-player mode is starting to make more sense now, right? 

After giving it some thought we think there are several pros as to why single-player would be an awesome addition to the game. As of now, only community-made games allow a solo experience and they’re starting to prove popular so we hope to see an official mode from InnerSloth in the future. Do you think single-player in Among Us is a good idea? Would you play it? Let us know!

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