Much like with any big game launch, Hogwarts Legacy release date has been inundated with rumours and now it seems that Warner Bros. has debunked the ones surrounding a 2023 release date.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to know exactly when they can get their hands on this much anticipated Harry Potter RPG since it was first revealed back in 2020. Unfortunately, the developer Avalance Software have been extremely quiet not showing any teasers other than the trailer. We assume this is because they’re working non-stop on the game but come on, we need some gameplay footage!

There is some good news, we will be learning a lot more about Legacy in 2022 as Warner Bros. reassured fans that the game is still on schedule for a 2022 release.

Twitter user AccountNGT who leaked Star Wars: Eclipse last year shot down the Hogwarts Legacy delay before Warner Bros. came out to stay they’re still on track.

Further supporting these claims is an upcoming release for a behind-the-scenes book that shares all the methods that went into making the game. The book is titled ‘The Art And Making Of Hogwarts Legacy” and is expected to be released on September 6th.

Fans have also pointed out that September 1st is known as “Return To Hogwarts Day” as this also marks the first day of the first term at Hogwarts. So this would make for the perfect launch date and AccountNGT added they believe this is looking “increasingly likely”.

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