Warzone Season 2 is well underway and along with the promise to bring back Iron Trials mode, players have also been treated to Redeploy Balloons a whole new mechanic to play around with.

The redeploy balloons were added to Caldera to allow players to traverse and improve the flow of the map. Players are already finding inventive ways to take advantage of the new addition.

Although this season has only just started players are already making some epic plays with the new Redeploy Balloons, inspired but Apex Legends’ jump towers.

In the below clip a player hears a nearby enemy pop a loadout drop and decides to land right on him with a minigun, needless to say, he destroys him.

Heard a loadout drop and decided to try out the new redeploy balloons
byu/ich_derNachtmann inCODWarzone

Now people have seen this way to use the Redeploy Balloons it’s safe to say that we will be seeing them more frequently.

This isn’t the only way you can use the balloons to your advantage, one Reddit user posted a clip of a streamer landing on top of one and getting a sniper headshot.

You can land on top of the balloons. I did something special by accident
byu/GaabbbaaaFACE inCODWarzone

We have a very strong feeling that this is just the start of the plays that will come from this new mechanic and we for one are excited to see what crazy plays come next.

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