Warzone glitch

One Warzone player has found a glitch that lets him parachute into other players Gulag fights and kill enemy participants.

Not only is this exploit especially annoying but the opposing player is unable to damage the intruder.

As of now, this YouTuber is the first we’ve seen use/publicise the exploit and thankfully has refrained from showing how to do it. He has however said in the comments he will “post how to do it in a couple [of] days”.

“I discovered a glitch in gulag that lets you into the arena while you are waiting for your turn!” NTrippy’s video description explains (thanks, Dexerto). “You take no damage from the players fighting, AND you can kill them by punching them!!

“No, executions don’t work. It is a time-bound glitch, so once it’s your turn in Gulag, the glitch is over,” they explain.

How do you feel about this new Warzone glitch?

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