Headlining Sony’s most recent State of Play presentation, Arkane Studios showed off ten minutes of Deathloop gameplay.

This is the first proper look we’ve been given, it shows gameplay in the form of a walkthrough giving us an idea of what the time-looping shooter is like.

The teaser starts many hours into the game where the player is tasked with assassinating Aleksis ‘The Wolf’ Dorsey.

Dorsey is just one of eight targets players will have to kill in a single playthrough to complete the game. One of the targets, Julianna one of the targets comes with an interesting twist, she is also hunting you and can be controlled by another player or AI.

As you can see in the footage dying doesn’t always lead to resetting the loop, you can unlock a perk call Reprise which allows you to rewind twice during a single loop.

Another two perks shown are Karnesis which allows you to physically manipulate enemies and shift a short-range teleport.

Players will also be able to consume the spectre of where they died previously to regain Residuum, allowing them to save their favourite weapons and abilities between loops, meaning you don’t have to start the loop from scratch.

As expected, Deathloop takes full advantage of the PS5 DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback to emphasise movement and the unique feel for each weapon.

Deathloop is set to launch on 14th September for PS5 as a console exclusive and PC.

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