The Divison developers Ubisoft has announced they’re developing a free-to-play game set within The Division’s universe, titled The Division Heartland. They have also confirmed that a Divison mobile game is being created.

At this time the details we have are pretty limited so we aren’t sure what style the game will be in, we predict it may be a Battle Royale type like Fortnite and Warzone. Do you agree a battle royale would suit The Divison gameplay? Apart from that Fortnite has amassed billions of pounds for Epic and CoD: Mobile has reportedly made just over £7 billion in 2020 and this is disregarding the 100 million Warzone players!

Ubisoft has said the free-to-play game will be coming to PC, consoles and cloud-based gaming platforms at some point in 2021/2022. There’s also been little to no details about the mobile game but Ubisoft has said there will be more information released at a later date.

Whether Ubisoft’s attempt at a free-to-play style game will be as popular as others at the moment is still yet to be seen but we know it’s definitely worth a download when it becomes available. Ubisoft is expanding out of the gaming world for The Division 2 and is currently working on a movie version starring Jake Gyllenhaal for Netflix, a smart way to help keep the game relevant until they release Heartland.

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