For one of the challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 you need to find research books at either Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges. There are a total of eight books you need to find which are hidden throughout these two locations.

Completing this challenge rewards you with a decent boost of XP which aids in your quest of unlocking more Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite Research Book Locations

The two locations where you’ll find the research books are Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges, three in Pleasant Park and five in Holly Hedges making a total of eight.

Below you can find the research book locations in Pleasant Park

Below you can find the research book locations in Holly Hedges

You need to find all eight of the research books to complete the challenge.

It could prove difficult as both of these locations are popular drop zones and loot locations throughout the game so you can guarantee there will be players nearby. If you’re aiming to win the game you should split this challenge over multiple games if not, you’ll have to be super sneaky not to alert any enemies.

Pleasant Park locations explained

  • 1) Found between the fireplace and bookcase in the middle house of the three in the north
  • 2) Found in the white bricked house on the west side next to the bookcase
  • 3) Found in the house directly to the south sitting on the ground floor next to the bookcase.

Holly Hedges locations explained

  • 4) Found on the floor inside the house at the main entrance to Holly Hedges
  • 5) Next to the bookcase in the yellow house found at the north-western part of Holly Hedges
  • 6) Found in the north-eastern house in the room past the kitchen
  • 7) In the house on the eastern edge of town next to the fireplace on the ground floor
  • 8) Found in the southern house next to the bookcase

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