Ethan Winters decided to have a ‘killer vacation’ and with a host who just won’t leave you alone, we can’t imagine they’ll be getting a good review. Capcom has released the 8th main Resident Evil game ‘Village’ and it’s being commended as a worthy successor for the downright terrifying Resident Evil 7. However, some players are claiming that some parts of Village stray from the expected ‘terrifying’ into the world of comedy but, it turns out there’s a reason why.

What made Resident Evil 7 so scary?

Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda discussed the paradox that a horror game can be ‘too scary’ with Axios Gaming. Kanda said, “When we develop a new Resident Evil game, our goal is not always to make it scarier than the previous title, but find a balance to deliver a scary but fun experience for players”. Expanding on how RE7 came into play with Village, he added, “Some of the feedback we received regarding [RE7 was] that it was too scary to play. In one regard, that’s exactly what we were striving for, so it’s a huge compliment for us”.

With Kanda’s new toned-down approach to Village he also added “It’s always our goal to create something that anybody can feel comfortable jumping in and playing, so we eased up on the tension curve [in RE Village] relative to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, so that players aren’t in constant fear” which thinking about it, it’s probably a good way to go about gameplay. Instead of having to cram yourself into tiny crawl spaces Village allows you more freedom to run around which reduces the scare factor while also making it feel like a bigger adventure.

This being said Resident Evil Village isn’t without its scary moments.

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