Rockstar continues development in what has become one of the most highly anticipated games of all time, GTA 6. But they do continue to share some interesting information about the game, along with some exciting teases about the future of the series. Right now, we all expect GTA 6 to surpass sales records when it eventually releases in late 2025. However, there’s a lot of debate about what Rockstar will work next.

Teasing GTA 7

The publisher Take-Two suggests that there are plenty of titles and ideas they could work on after that. What’s interesting is that Take-Two actually teased the possibility of a GTA 7 coming right after the 6th iteration, even if it might take Rockstar 10 more years to do it. For a lot of people, though, Red Dead Redemption 3 is the obvious next game, but a GTA 7 coming early could be a great way to reward the community for continued support.

It’s expected that Rockstar will work on GTA Online 2 to go with the new game, and that might come with support for many years. There’s also the possibility of this new GTA game receiving single-player DLC, something that GTA V did not have.
But according to Strauss Zelnick who is the Take-Two CEO, it’s possible that GTA 7 might be on the horizon. It was a joke that he made at the TD Cowen 52nd Annual Tech conference. Yet it is very much a possibility that we can see that game coming faster than expected. Rockstar did iterate that they want to release more games, just like CD Project Red did. And having less than a 12-year gap between GTA games is definitely a possibility.
The CEO stated that Rockstar has been very busy adding new content to GTA Online, hence the reason why we barely had any other games from them.
What about the PC version of GTA 6?
When it came to the question about GTA 6 on PC, Zelnick stated that it’s normal for them to focus on consoles first. He said that nothing is set in stone, especially a release date. But when things are ready, there will be an announcement. That means they are working on the PC version; however, they are placing more focus on consoles, as they did last time. What this means is that instead of speculating about the existence of a PC version, now we know it will be on PC; it’s only a question of when it will be released.

Historically, GTA games have been released on PC within half a year, maybe a year after the console release. In the case of GTA V, it took well over a year, so it’s hard to know. However, last time, we had a console generation switch, so we have no idea what will happen this time around. What we do know is that GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games of all time. Rockstar continues to hype it up as a very complex game, extremely detailed and unlike anything else in the genre. Knowing their track record, we are very excited to see what they come up with, and the trailer makes the game feel very promising!

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