Although Helldivers 1 was a success for Arrowhead Studios, they did not expect the sequel to be so popular. However, in a world where coop gaming has become even more popular, Helldivers 2 has quickly surpassed expectations, and it’s a cult hit. That also means the community is constantly trying to find secrets or, in some cases, they come up with new ideas for the game, be it for weapons or a variety of other items. Right now, the community is very excited about the idea of having a Pulsar Cannon.

Why do people want a Pulsar Cannon?

What we noticed ever since Helldivers 2 released is that the devs are indeed listening to the community, and many even took their side. That ended up getting one of the community managers fired from the company. Yet, at the same time, the developers are also nerfing weapons that seem to be overperforming, like the rail gun. In fact, some fans ended up suggesting that the Pulsar Cannon could be a new weapon that would be similar to the quasar cannon but with some changes.
There are some teases from developers that they are working on some interesting new weapons, but there’s no specific detail about what that might be. Obviously, that brings tons of speculations and ideas from the community. Some think that they are talking about the pulsar cannon. Others believe that the new weapon teased by the developers is actually the heavy machine gun. A heavy machine gun has been requested by the community ever since the game was released. However, there’s still no confirmation for it.

Having weapons with status effects

We may encounter weapons with specific status effects. Since the new battlepass will be swamp-themed, this can be the perfect time to add status effects to weapons. And we might very well see that in the next few operations. Players do state that a laser minigun that penetrates armor can be a great idea. Some players are quitting because the game feels very similar, and new weapons are not making a difference for them.
The problem is that many of the primary weapons end up nerfed if they overperform, and that turns off a lot of players from actively playing and enjoying the game. Adding a pulsar cannon can be a great idea, and it might very well provide a new set of challenges for players to pursue as they play the game. The community highly requests such a weapon and a possible heavy machine gun. We know Arrowhead is listening to the players, so we can only hope these ideas are already in some stage of development.

Helldivers 2 did have its fair share of controversy when Sony decided to force a PSN account onto players, and while that has ended, the game was removed from sale in over 180 countries. Despite that, Helldivers 2 still has mostly positive reviews on Steam, and it maintains a massive player base. The new operations/battle passes sound exciting, and we hope that highly requested features and weapons will be a part of those in the near future!

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