Call of Duty: Warzone has been one of the best Battle Royale’s since its release back in March 2020. It’s been pretty unparalleled in its corner of the market but it definitely has its share of issues that are pushing NICKMERCS to quit.

The biggest one being hackers, it seems they are getting increasingly prominent this month and we can’t see a change coming on the horizon.

It’s becoming more and more of a problem as cheaters can now force developer errors on other players mid-game, meaning they will be disconnected. It seems a lot of players have no shame in cheating to get their Warzone win.

Not only this, there are the occasional questionable additions to the game like game-breaking guns and glitches like managing to get under the map. And it seems NICKMERCS has finally had enough and to be honest, we can’t blame him.

In the video, NICKMERCS reveals he’s being driven away from Warzone’s standard battle royale modes by hackers and stream snipers.

Although he has a method to avoid stream snipers it isn’t 100% effective. It seems like he’s getting much more enjoyment out of other Warzone playlists for now especially respawn modes.

“It’s like the only way I’ve been having some real fun playing Warzone lately is playing Rebirth or playing Buyback,” shared NICKMERCS. “The normal Battle Royale mode’s just not been as fun for me.”

A lot of NICKMERCS fans are grateful that he isn’t quitting Warzone completely and we believe this is due to Warzone’s side game modes not having Skill Based Matchmaking so the lobbies are less sweaty and more enjoyable.

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