It’s not easy to pull off a good dodgeball video game, sports game titans Electronic Arts have teamed up with Velan Studio to bring Knockout City to console and PC. Knockout City’s map is inspired by the same developers that worked on Mario Kart Live. This game will be both cross-play and cross-progression to ensure no-one misses out and you stay at the top of your game!

The closed beta starts 20th February for PC users who can access it through Steam and Origin. Unfortunately, console users will have to wait a little longer, the launch is planned for 21st May, a surprising amount of time we feel.

It’s expected to be a “semi-competitive” game, so really it’s a “very-competitive” game that gives a futuristic spin on dodgeball. We can definitely see some fun being had plaything this!

What to expect from Knockout City

Knockout City’s skill cap is going to be through the roof with how many different aspects you need to perfect; dodging, throwing, passing and catching before you even stand a chance of winning. This isn’t the only element to look out for, each character has different unique and powerful abilities.

Start a crew with your friends and customise your character. Teamwork will be an essential part of a victory, stick together or go long the choice is yours. When exploring Knockout City you may notice there’s no ball near, you may think this is an issue but no, you can roll your teammate up and throw them instead.

You will have access to loads of different balls and it promises to be an enjoyably hectic experience and going from the trailer we have to agree. The gameplay will be fast, the dodge mechanic smooth and the outplay potential? Massive.

Play dodgeball wherever you are, nothing is off-limits, burger joints, skyscrapers, quite literally anywhere. We’re excited to see how it plays.

It’s available to all audiences and EA hopes it becomes valued and enjoyed by millions.

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