Sony consistently hosts State of Play online events which show off the latest gameplay and trailers for PS5 and PS4.

The most recent and first of 2021 will go live this Thursday 25th Feb. It won’t just be for PS5 users now as you may have suspected it’s likely to take up the majority of the event but there will still be new releases announced for PS4 users.

When does the PlayStation State of Play event go live?

Due to COVID restrictions, this will be an online-only event a will start at 10pm GMT 25th Feb 2021. Here are the other time regions:

  • US West Coast: 2pm PT
  • US East Coast: 5pm ET
  • UK: 10pm GMT
  • Central Europe: 11pm CET
  • Japan: 7am JT (26th Feb)

Where to watch PS State of Play Stream

Simply head over to either of the following channels at your designated time:

Resetera user acquiescence apparently leaked the upcoming State of Play (may be fake):

  • Destruction AllStars roadmap
  • Godfall DLC
  • Oddworld Soulstorm
  • Friday Night at Freddy’s
  • GTAV PS5
  • Goodbye Volcano High
  • Among Us
  • Returnal
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Hades


What can you expect?

PlayStation’s Sid Shuman, senior director of SIE Content Communications said “State of Play broadcast will serve up new updates and deep dives for 10 games coming to PS4 and PS5, including new game announcements and updates on some of the third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase,”

The show is predicted to last around 30 mins with a focus on the amazing games set to be released in the coming months. They specifically said there will be no focus on Playstation as a business or any hardware.

We’re excited to hear any news about Horizon: Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village and Outriders. What about you?

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