Nintendo, Japanese gaming giants are helping to entice younger players into learning how to develop video games with the launch of Game Builder Garage.

The new software is set to be released on 11th June for Nintendo Switch and will teach children the fundamentals of visual programming and allow players to connect different instructions creating simple gaming language. Instructions are disguised as colourful characters called Nodon’s and by connecting a “Control Stick” Nodon to a “Character” Nodon the Game Builder Garage will allow you to instruct how the character moves. Once you’ve done this you’re then able to create levels and obstacles to mess around with.

Nintendo claims there are loads of different Nodons including background music, timers, physics and other effects. All of which can be used in unison to build a variety of different games including shooters, simple sports and card games. Projects can also be made from different perspectives like first-person, side-scrolling and birds-eye view along with different controllers like the gamepad, joystick and touch screen.

It’s said the game will come with seven different lessons spanning seven different genres to teach the basics across a wide base of games which according to Nintendo is the way they approach development. Robots named Alice and Bob will teach the lessons which stack on top of each other introducing a new language each time ranging from a 2-player tag, racing and 3D platformer.

Once the player has completed the lessons they’re able to go into free programming which gives them free rein to create a game for up to 8 players this includes designing their characters outfits and backgrounds.

Once completed you’re able to share your game with friends and family via a special code. Nintendo are very safety-conscious so there will be no browsers option to search for other peoples games but we can imagine there will be some on YouTube.

Creating your own game is not new within the gaming community; PlayStation have Dreams and there’s the very popular Roblox which both show players love creating. However, Nintendo is the first major developers to create a game like this specifically designed for children.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

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