GTA Online is notorious for its ruthlessness with trouble lurking around every corner and other players chasing you down just because they can. So being prepared for the inevitable is imperative to your survival in both Freemode and whilst undergoing missions.

The variety of weapons Rockstar Games offer is extensive with hundreds of options at Ammu-nation it’s hard to find which is the best loadout to have. So we’ve created this article to give you 5 of the best guns so you have a fighting chance out in the streets of Los Santos.

Please note this list is our opinion.

5 Must have weapons in GTA Online

AP Pistol

This pistols rate of fire and damage output is insane, often overlooked because it’s ‘just a pistol’ but, in certain situations, this gun will tear through your opponents.

Drive by’s with the AP Pistol is very efficient as it’s highly accurate and the rate of fire can vary between 450 – 800 RPM

Special Carbine

This is the bread and butter gun for GTA Online, if you don’t have one get one. Its perfect balance of fire rate, accuracy and damage make it a no brainer. If you want to get that little be extra you can purchase the MKII upgrade in the Weapons Workshop.

Heavy Sniper

As with any game, snipers have a massive range advantage and if you can carry one then you’d be crazy not to. The Heavy Sniper MKII when combined with explosive rounds is up there with the deadliest weapons in the game. Not only versus players but also enemy vehicles due to the explosive rounds.

Sticky Bomb

Possibly the best explosive in the game perfect for those ‘troll’ moments, getting chased by police or being hunted by players. They’re more accurate than the standard grenades and can be detonated at will making the outplay potential huge!

Combat MG

A huge magazine with devastating firepower what more could you ask from a machine gun? How about some armour piercing rounds after upgrading it to MKII. This weapon can tear through pretty much anything in its path. 

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