Mediatonic, Fall Guys developer added Squads Mode in Season 4, as the name suggests this mode allows players to team up for a better chance of attaining victory. You’re able to join a squad of up to four players and many thought it was just a temporary game mode and it would be inevitably removed. However, this isn’t the case! Unlike many other games where the best limited-time game types are often removed. Mediatonic saw how Squads resonated with their community and announced last week they’re going to leave it in.

The update to solidify Squads mode happened on Thursday but not wanting the community to think they’re playing an April fools prank they decided to announce it on Friday. “the countdown for Squads Mode’s removal is gone and the mode will stick around indefinitely” shared Mediatonic.

A Squads mode was a highly requested feature by players so it does make sense why it’d be made a permanent option as it would be loved by the majority of the player base. It works by combining individual players scores to amount to a total squad score which is then compared against other squads. The squads with the lowest amount of points are eliminated at the end of each round. So even if you did have a bad game there is a chance you won’t get eliminated if your teammates were able to carry you.

Attaining the champion’s crown isn’t exactly an easy feat which is another reason Mediatonic added squads intending to help those who struggle to achieve them. Your team can carry you to the finals and effectively to victory as the victor of this game type has to share the spoils with their squad.

The way Squads Mode works in Fall Guys may change in the future but one thing for certain is that it’s going to stay.

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