Relentless hackers are reportedly selling “lifetime access” to Vanguard hacks when the game officially launches in November.

As we all know, Warzone has been plagued by hackers, cheaters and exploiters for a TOO long. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that the next instalment is also in their sights. The recent beta has already seen some hacks…

A report by Waypoint suggests that hackers have already begun breaking the game in the COD: Vanguard beta. They’re taking advantage of the fact it’s a beta and doesn’t run the new anti-cheat system, hackers can decide when to end matches.

Taking a leaf out of Battlefield 2024’s book, those in charge of combatting the hackers are already preparing for the game’s full launch. Listings from hackers viewed by Waypoint offer “lifetime access” to Vanguard hacks. Apparently, the main reason why these hacks have appeared in such a short space of time is that most of Vanguards code is very similar to 2019’s Modern Warfare remaster, which makes it much easier for developers to create hacks.

“The core of the [Call of Duty] engine hasn’t changed much during the life of the franchise so porting a cheat from one game to another has always been very easy,” said an anonymous source to Waypoint. “Cheat developers have extra incentives to get that working during beta: it’s good publicity for them to be the first and that allows them to capture screenshots and videos for marketing. Most usually give the cheat free to their existing customers. Some even go free for everyone.”

COD: Vanguard will officially launch on 5th November, bringing with it an amazing new map for Warzone. Activision’s new anti-cheat system should go live around the same time, with a bit of luck. We’re just hoping that it does what it’s supposed to do and irradiates hackers and cheaters from a game we all know and love.

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