Deepfakes are proving to become a popular way of changing one’s appearance in real-time. A new deepfake tool has sparked attention in the online community as it raises concerns of authenticity and genuineness.

DeepFaceLive, the open-source tool allows users to place another face over their own while using video messaging platforms such as Skype and Zoom. The creator of DeepFaceLive, known as a Russian Developer, Iperov first shared his video online in April. The plugins are available in Windows and there are already celebrity faces for you to use to create deepfake videos.

Similar to Snapchat’s Snap Camera which allows users to apply face filters through their webcams, you can use DeepFaceLive to apply the face-swapping live and also to pre-recorded videos.

A small group of dedicated creators have established their presence on TikTok using the DeepFaceLive technology, you can see this video of Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking in Russian.


Душевный мужик😊

♬ оригинальный звук – arnoldschwarzneggar

Pedro, who currently runs a Telegram channel that shares deepfake tutorials and other videos told the Daily Dot that some creators have already begun using DeepFaceLive on platforms such as the video game streaming service Twitch.

“What can I say about the software. DeepFaceLive has a lot of potential.” Pedro said. This software can be used by both streamers and creators of any other media content.”

However, Pedro did warn that the tool under the wrong hands could lead to severe consequences. Analyst and writer Martin Anderson said that there have been multiple cases of misuse and have related this to fraud.

Creators have also used DeepFaceLive to create non-consensual deepfake porn. Digitally placing celebrity faces over adult film stars remains the most common use of this technology, representing an alarming 96% of all deepfake videos online.

The first facial dataset that was offered to DeepFaceLive was the face of actress Margot Robbie, one of the most popular figures among deepfake porn creators.

Henry Ajder, a synthetic media expert who works for told the Daily Dot that although DeepFaceLive is still in its infancy, the tool has quickly become the clear frontrunner in terms of realism and technology.

Ajder said:

“Many will see DeepFaceLive as a fun tool for Twitch live streaming or absurd TikTok videos, but my research on deepfakes has consistently shown there are many others who will be looking to misuse it”

“This could range from adult streamers ‘wearing’ celebrities’ faces without consent, to biometric spoofing such as fooling facial recognition and liveness detection systems.”

Ajder further comments that although efforts to “suffocate the technology’s creative potential” should be avoided, important questions remain on how society will be affected as increasingly sophisticated and easy-to-use tools become available to the public.

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