One of the most exciting events for us are Halloween-inspired, Warzone will be following up on last years haunting of Verdansk and here’s everything we know so far.

As the Haunting of Verdansk was so popular we fully expect this year to be as good if not better with another special Halloween Event bringing spooky-themed rewards and LTMs.

We love a themed occasion as much as the next person and Halloween are definitely one of the most unique events of the year. Celebrating all things weird, spooky and freaky gives developers almost endless opportunities to horrify their games.

Warzone did a great job last year with the Haunting of Verdansk which was certainly a great twist on the battle royale.

Since then Activision’s battle royale has soared in popularity and thousands of more players are waiting to see what this year’s event holds in October.

Warzone Halloween Event Start Date

As we already know when last years event started (20/10/20 until 3/11/20) we can assume that this year’s event will begin around the same time.

Season 5 is predicted to end at the beginning of October so we can’t imagine the event will interfere with the launch of Season 6.

During the last event Verdansk when dark giving players a new opportunity to brawl it out during the night.

Fans have been asking for another nighttime battling event where it’s permanent or as an LTM. The new Verdansk map is yet to see anything like this so we’d imagine it will be returning this Halloween.

During the Haunting of Verdansk Raven Software made sure they were keeping players invested by rolling out tonnes of solid content:

  • Billy from SAW
  • New weapon
  • Special Zombies mode
  • Special Halloween bundles

One addition that made the event unique was the ‘Trick or Treat’ system encouraging players to scavenge for supply crates that contained nasty surprises or awesome rewards.

We’d be surprised if we don’t see this again or at least see something which has taken the premise of the trick or treat addition in the new Halloween-themed event.

As of this moment, there have been no official announcements and no obvious rumours are surrounding the potential event. But rest assured as soon as we know anything we’ll let you all know.

Are you excited for this year’s Warzone Halloween event?

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