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Famous rapper T-Pain destroys racist team on Call of Duty after they made many racist remarks.

The Church rapper was minding his own business playing Call of Duty’s latest title Black Ops Cold War until he was put in a lobby with opponents repeatedly calling him the N-word and saying ‘f**k Black Lives Matter’.

T-Pain justifiably riled by the remarks started to hunt down all the players in the lobby while shouting ‘I want every single f**king one of them.’

He then said ‘I want you to delete all the black skins from your motherf**cking COD”.

The clips with audio can be seen below:


Shutting down some racists in Call of Duty

♬ original sound – T-Pain

Since posting yesterday the video has almost amassed 450k likes and thousands of comments:

“That felt so good for me and I wasn’t even playing”

“I was yelling with you Bro!! That’s how you get some GET BACK!!”

“Damn T pain was not playing”

“These are the type of people that make me feel embarrassed that i’m white”

Others apologised to the rapper for ‘having to deal with that nonsense’. The rapper is yet to say any more on the matter and it’s safe to say that T-Pain handed it to them, we wonder if naming and shaming these players would’ve been a good move also.

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