Raven Software has received many reports that Warzone’s Ghost Perk has a bug and hasn’t been working properly in both Public and Private matches. They have now officially responded to the issue.

Since the start of Warzone, there have been tonnes of reports about the Ghost Perk being broken and failing to hide players from Heartbeat Sensors and UAVs. Developers have previously said it was only a Heartbeat Sensor glitch in the Killcam and fact, there was nothing wrong with the perks functionality.

Regardless of their previous statement, there is evidence that goes all the way back to Warzone Season 4 showing that Ghost was completely bugged. Now two Seasons later they have finally acknowledged the issue.

Players have had their suspicions for a long time and now a viral TikTok from streamer Jessie Cooks proves that Ghost was broken in private matches.

As you can see her loadout does include Ghost but she then shows up on the enemies radar after they use a UAV like she never had Ghost equipped at all.

@jessiejadecooks##Repost Is this glitch fixed yet?? ##warzone ##twitchrivals ##gaming ##mutex ##huskers ##joewo ##fyp ##trending♬ original sound – jessiejadecooks

This was all the way back in Season 4 but players and content creators and players continue to stress the perk is still broken in Season 6.

However, last night 21st October, Raven Software tweeted “An issue has been identified with the Ghost Perk not functioning correctly in Private Matches. We have a fix in the works!”. After being bombarded with comments saying the issue also happens in public games they added “And Public Matches!”

There’s no official date as to when the fix will go live but we imagine they will want to get it out ASAP.

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