Yep, another bug has come to light in Warzone but unlike all the others, the community would like the killcam to be permanently added to the game.

As you know, Warzone is one of the biggest battle royales of all time and unfortunately it’s plagued with both glitches and cheaters. Hopefully, the new Anti-Cheat system ‘Ricochet’ launching with Vanguard will take care of them once and for all. But that’s only half the problem, there will still be bugs and glitches but with the cheaters taken care of the devs will have more time to focus on these.

Most of the glitches are purely visual but, sometimes a bug can be game-breaking and these lead players to either stop playing or complain about the popular BR shining a negative light on it.

However, this new bug seems to be a positive one as it gets rid of the final cinematic many players are tired of seeing.

In a video uploaded to Reddit by user Don_Pakundo you can see him winning a match but it doesn’t end in the typical chopper cinematic. Instead, it shows a killcam of the final kill which you can expect in classic game modes like Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. His team were confused about the bug but also happy.

No Victory Chopper ride?!! Final kill cam instead? Ever seen this?
byu/Don_Pakundo inCODWarzone

Would you prefer the classic cinematic which some players have grown bored of or a final killcam?

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