Developer Turtle Rock Studios has dropped a new Back 4 Blood trailer giving you a rundown of each of the playable cleaners (characters). There are eight total different personalities all with unique zombie-killing abilities. These cleaners include Walker, Doc, Karlee, Evangelo, Jim, Hoffman, Holly and Mom.

Walker is the oldest of his five brothers and sisters born into a traditional blue-collar family. Ex-Army Ranger so he’s definitely the guy you want your team in a combat situation. He may not be the most vocal of the bunch but when he does speak you better listen.

Doc is the lifeline of Fort Hope. Doc went all-in with her career sacrificing any sort of social life. However, this all changed when she met Mom, she took her no-nonsense attitude to new heights in the best way possible.

Karlee is a bit of a loner but she chose to be, she’s insanely independent and doesn’t trust others. When the threat the group faced continued to grow she shrugged off her old ways and dedicated herself to the group to help save their and her lives.

Evangelo is the baby of the group but don’t let that fool you. He’s more than shown his worth when it comes to being a vital member of the squad. He’s quite a timid talker so his and Karlee’s characters are the perfect contrast.

Jim is the eye in the sky, the surveyor, the guy you want to go to when you need to know more about the area. He is a crack shot with the sniper due to all the hunting he did with his father as a kid. This paired with his military experience he’s doing the only form of overwatch you’ll need.

Hoffman is the conspiracy theorist of the group. When the infection first started to take over, he bunkered down with his mother in the hope things would pass. Unfortunately, she passed away and the need for supplies drove him out into the new infected world.

Holly became a cleaner in order to seek revenge after the Devil Worm took her entire family. She’s very protective of her fellow cleaners as she sees them as her new family. You can expect to see her tearing through zombies with her trusty nailed bat she named Dottie.

Mom is always up for anything, and as the name suggests she will do anything for others. A very strong character but taking on the burden of every other member of the group can make her feel as if the entire weight of the world is resting on her shoulders.

Which of the cleaners are you most excited to play?

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