It’s something all gamers have dreamed about, playing your favourite game on the big screen. Now cinema chain Cineworld are trying to cash in on the world’s lockdown gaming interest spike by hiring out full cinema theatres to turn many gamers dreams into reality.

“There’s nothing quite as breath-taking as playing your favourite game in your very own private cinema screen,” the company says in a press release, “and with this offering, guests can hire out a range of consoles and games, and play all the latest game releases.”

There are two-hour time slots for up to 20 people, prices for these private screens vary from £120/$170 to £260/$370 during peak times at some theatres. You can book between now and 8th July but, you have to supply your own console(s) and games yourself if you don’t want to pay extra.

Unfortunately, Cineworld Leicester Square won’t be taking part in this promotion but “all of Cineworld’s screens throughout the UK” will be. However, we know this won’t stop gamers from going to another Cineworld to make their dreams a reality.

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