What’s great about Elden Ring’s world is that you can learn a lot of lore by acquiring items and studying them. However, there are times when the community tends to read way too much into the overall lore of the game, and a new idea suggests that the Drake Talismans might actually be a map, not a dragon.

Why do people think that the Drake Talisman is a man?

The entire debate started earlier in June when a Reddit user started a theory that those Drake Talismans have a map of the game as its decoration. In order to support that, the user named “Chrysamere” even added a picture of the talisman and showcased the edges of the map on it. The idea was quite interesting, even if it does take a little bit to see exactly his vision.
Some other users, like “Erickr199” immediately went against the idea, mainly to show that the Talisman is not a map; it’s actually a dragon. Both of them are valid points since each of those suggestions is quite interesting in their own right. In order to support his idea, the user actually created a set of images with all the talismans side by side. The idea was to show that, yes, this is indeed a dragon. They also state that dragons are always known for providing various types of protection, so it would fit with the in-game lore.
Is it a dragon or a map?
The debate is very active right now, and it went well beyond the 2 posts. The reason is simple: people always love to speculate when it comes to hidden lore ideas. Of course, other players ended up finding “maps” in other talismans as a way to poke fun at the first post. But even then, it’s safe to say that the dragon we found on the Drake Talisman does have something off-putting to it.

Whether it’s a map or an actual dragon, it’s very difficult to know without direct confirmation from the developers. But we do know this: the new Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, is dropping late this month, so people are extremely excited to play it. The fact we encounter such wild ideas and rumors just shows how popular the game truly is and how passionate the community has become around the overall lore of the title.
One thing is certain: we won’t know for sure what those shapes on the talismans truly mean until there’s confirmation from the developers. Then again, the community loves speculating, and the sheer idea that there are hidden pieces of information in these talismans excites a lot of players. That being said, these talismans have always sparked debate, and with the new DLC coming in, there’s no denying that people will want to learn more about them. Or, who knows, maybe we will have more info hidden in the DLC as well; only time can tell that!

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