Since Warzone was released back in 2020, it has been contesting for the spot of the king of battle royale, dominating YouTube and Twitch. However, this doesn’t mean it’s without any flaws, fans have been asking for changes to be made especially targeting map selection and the lack of anti-cheat.

After ‘only a year’ players can expect their prayers to be answered later this year. Sledgehammer Games Studio Head Aaron Halon confirmed to CharlieINTEL that a new map AND anti-cheat are set to land later this year in an early preview event for CoD: Vanguard.

Raven Software is said to be leading the creation of new Warzone content.

New Map For Warzone Confirmed

Verdansk has been the only proper home to Warzone over the last 17 months with it being the only proper battle royale map in the game. You could argue Rebirth Island is another Battle Royale map but it’s much smaller than the original map and doesn’t feature as many people dropping in.

Verdansk did receive an update to the aesthetics and some POIs to keep in theme with Black Ops Cold War, catapulting the map back into 1984 but understandably players were saddened to stay in the same location when they were expecting a complete change of scenery.

Warzone fans are finally getting what they’ve been longing for with the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Halon confirmed that players would move to a brand-new map “later this year”, confirming it will release this year before the end of 2021. When it will drop exactly is still yet to be confirmed.

Anti-cheat in Warzone

As well as a new map Halon also confirmed that a brand new much-needed anti-cheat is coming to Warzone, as the development teams work to rid the game of its cheater problem.

Hackers have been a huge problem area for fans and even though Raven Software have banned around 650,000 accounts you can simply create a new account and deploy back into Verdansk.

Whether Warzone will use a custom-built system or use an existing third party system like Easy Anti-Cheat like Apex Legends and Fortnite is still unknown.

As well as these major additions, Halon said Warzone will use the same tech as Vanguard ensuring “seamless weapon integration and operator play balance” and both Modern Warfare and Cold War will be connected.

As well as all of that there will be an extensive calendar of free post-launch content but a roadmap is yet to be set in stone.

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