Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 4 is starting tomorrow (17th June) and Treyarch has given a preview of what we can expect.

According to the above image Season 4 will have a new round-based Zombies map, new maps, new weapons, and another update to Verdansk.

The change to Verdansk will be a new POI focused around a crashed satellite which you may have noticed is the focus of the season 4 trailer. It looks as if the collision will take out some buildings and be big enough for players to fight in and around. The Die Hard Nakatomi Tower will be renamed Downtown Tower and will remain in the game for now.

Five new weapons will also be making an appearance in season 4. The new LMG MG 82 will be available at launch through the Battle Pass for both Warzone and Cold War. The C58 AR will also be available at launch. A Nail Gun will be added for exclusive use in Warzone and Cold War and at some point in the season players can expect to see the OTs 9 submachine gun and the mace melee weapon.

Cold War is getting a few new multiplayer maps this season. Collateral a 12v12 map and a smaller 6v6 version called Collateral Strike will be available at launch. As well as Amsterdam, a Gunfight and Face Off map for 2v2 and 3v3 games. The last map to be released on launch is the infamous Hijacked, a yacht based map from Black Ops 2. During the Season players will be able to play Rush another Black Ops 2 Classic.

The new round-based Zombies map is set in East Berlin after the city has been overrun by the undead named Mauer Der Toten. Maybe there will be references to the former Nazi Zombies maps Kino Der Toten or Verrukt due to the location.

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