The Simpsons Hit and Run Has Been Remade In Only One Week

18 years of asking, and someone has finally rebuilt the iconic The Simpsons: Hit & Run in HD. This unofficial build only took a mere 7 days to complete. Since 2003 when the yellow fella came racing into our lives the popularity of this Grand Theft Auto and Simpsons hybrid hasn’t stopped growing. It may

Lego Marvel Superheroes Lands on Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited LEGO Marvel Superheroes is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. The release date will be on October 5th shared on Marvel’s Twitter page. The blog post reads, “Featuring an original story crossing the entire Marvel Universe and filled with classic LEGO videogame adventure and humor, players take on the role of their favorite Marvel

Fortnite RPG Open-World Game Leaked Online

Looking for a whole new way to play? How does an open-world Fortnite sound? It’s been four years since Epic Games unleashed Fortnite to the world and it’s been one of the most popular Battle-Royales ever since. And now an open-world spin-off is looking more and more likely. We’re only a few weeks away from

GTA 6 Main Characters May Have Been Found In Red Dead Redemption

A new discovery found in Red Dead Redemption by content creator Strange Man may reveal GTA 6 main characters. Rockstar is no stranger when it comes to easter eggs teasing upcoming titles in current games, there are many tips of the hat towards RDR2 in GTA 5. So this leads us to believe that there