News is spreading like wildfire within the Call of Duty: Zombies fans community. You don’t want to be late for the party transport this time.

Did you get it? No? Let us explain, Tranzit may be coming back to do another route in Season 4! The Warzone Season 4 reveal dropped a huge hint at a remastered version of the mode landing in Cold War.

Tranzit Zombies Remaster

Amidst all the chaotic Warzone and Cold War content including, Warzone game modes, operators, multiplayer maps, explosions and bullets. The trailer dropped a massive hint which many people may have missed.

During the closing seconds of the reveal, zombies can be seen running from a huge burning vehicle that’s speeding towards them at splattering velocity much like the Black Ops 2 Tranzit Map.

Treyarch is famous for remastering old maps and Tranzit has been rumoured for a long time now. To further support this theory Treyarch is currently relaunching other existing Black Ops 2 maps like Hijacked.

We don’t know if the Tranzit map will be set in the same year 2035 with the same annoying robot driver.

Some eagle-eyed fans may have noticed in the trailer that the vehicle may not be a bus after all but a train instead as seen by the tracks. So will there be a new take on the transport around the map? Who knows, but one thing we know, you won’t want to be left behind this time around.

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