Exciting changes are on the horizon for XDefiant players. Executive Producer Mark Rubin has teased significant updates slated for June 11, addressing several much-requested gameplay adjustments and improvements. Here’s a look at what to expect.

Major Gameplay Tweaks Incoming

While the June 4 patch was relatively minor, Rubin’s recent post on X/Twitter has created quite a buzz. He announced that the next update, expected on June 11, will bring multiple gameplay changes, responding to player feedback on various issues, including bunny hopping, sniper flinch, and more.

Bunny Hopping Adjustments

Bunny hopping, a movement mechanic that has been a point of frustration for many players, will see changes in the upcoming patch. Rubin acknowledged the community’s concerns and confirmed that adjustments are on the way, aiming to balance this mechanic and improve the overall gameplay experience.

Sniper Flinch and Weapon Balancing

The June 11 update will also modify how Sniper Flinch works in-game. Previously, the developers announced significant nerfs to sniper rifles following player feedback that deemed them “ridiculously overpowered.” This patch will likely implement these nerfs, making snipers less dominant. Consequently, players can expect an updated weapons tier list reflecting these changes.

Smoother Gameplay with Screen Shake Tweaks

Grenade-induced screen shake, another common annoyance, will be adjusted to provide a smoother gameplay experience. This change is part of the broader effort to enhance the game’s playability and address player complaints.

Hit Registration and Netcode Improvements

One of the most critical issues Rubin addressed was hit registration and netcode problems. These issues have been a major concern for players, with some considering them severe enough to potentially “kill” the game. Rubin emphasized that fixing these problems is a top priority, although he noted that it’s a complex process involving multiple factors. He stated, “Remember with hitreg and netcode no ‘one’ change will fix everything, but we will keep making improvements.”

Future Content and Leaks

In addition to these immediate updates, there are exciting hints about future content. Leaks suggest the addition of new game modes such as Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy. Moreover, the developers have teased specific 24/7 playlists featuring the best maps, allowing players to maximize their XP gains.

As XDefiant continues to evolve, the upcoming June 11 patch promises to address key player concerns and improve the overall gameplay experience. Stay tuned for further updates and be sure to check back for an updated weapons tier list once the changes are live.

With these tweaks and the potential new content on the horizon, XDefiant is gearing up for an exciting period of growth and refinement. Keep an eye out for the patch notes next week and get ready to dive into the updated game.

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