Players encountering bugs and frame rate issues in XDefiant, a free-to-play shooter game by Ubisoft.

XDefiant: Current Bugs and Fixes. Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter, XDefiant, has had a tumultuous start since its release on May 21, 2024. Despite its exciting gameplay and unique blend of factions from Ubisoft’s popular franchises, players have encountered numerous bugs affecting their gaming experience. This blog will explore some of the most pressing issues and provide solutions where available.

XDefiant: Current Bugs and Fixes

1. Practice Zone Issues One of the most notable bugs at launch was related to the Practice Zone, where players would sometimes spawn outside the intended area. This “hellscape” glitch made the Practice Zone unusable for some players. Ubisoft addressed this in their May 24 update, but the issue may still persist intermittently​ (Dexerto)​​ (​.

2. Frame Rate Problems Many players have reported frame rate issues, particularly on PCs with AMD GPUs. This can lead to stuttering and an overall poor gaming experience. Ubisoft’s recent patch aimed to address these issues, but some players might still encounter problems. For those experiencing low frame rates, it’s crucial to ensure your PC meets the game’s minimum requirements and to adjust your monitor’s refresh rate and in-game settings like VSync​ (​.

Players dealing with bugs and frame rate issues in Ubisoft's XDefiant game.

3. Device Deployment Bugs Another common issue is related to device deployment. If a player dies during the device deployment animation, the subsequent device would drop at their feet instead of being thrown as intended. This bug can significantly impact gameplay, especially in competitive matches. Ubisoft’s latest update claims to have fixed this issue​ (Dexerto)​.

4. Netcode and Hitmarker Glitches Players have also faced problems with the netcode, where hitmarkers would indicate hits on an enemy, but the enemy’s health bar would still appear full. This discrepancy caused confusion and frustration during gameplay. The recent patch has made strides in fixing this by ensuring the health bar displays correctly​ (Dexerto)​.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug in XDefiant, there are several ways to report it:

  • Ubisoft Support: The primary method is to open a new case via Ubisoft Support, selecting XDefiant and the appropriate platform. You can categorize your issue under “Technical Issues” and provide a detailed description along with screenshots​ (​.
  • Discord: Another effective way to report bugs is through Ubisoft’s official Discord channel. Here, you can post in the “bug-reports” channel under the “XDefiant Server Test” category. This allows for quick community feedback and visibility​ (​.
  • Reddit: XDefiant’s subreddit is another platform where you can report bugs. Although unofficial, many developers monitor this subreddit and can provide assistance or acknowledge the issues​ (​.
  • Twitter/X: Tagging @UbisoftSupport in a public post on Twitter/X can also be effective. Ubisoft’s support team is active on this platform and responsive to bug reports​ (​.


XDefiant’s launch has been marred by several bugs, but Ubisoft is actively working on fixes. Players can mitigate some issues by ensuring their systems meet the game’s requirements and by following community-suggested troubleshooting steps. Reporting bugs through official channels helps developers address these issues more efficiently, contributing to a smoother gaming experience for everyone. Stay tuned for further updates and patches from Ubisoft to enhance your XDefiant experience.

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