Years had passed after this gamer tried to reach out to a friend he knew only through playing Halo 2, to find out he had sadly passed away from Leukemia.

Over the past 20 years, it’s safe to say Halo has seen a lot of highs and lows. Halo 2 was arguably one of the highest of the high points being the first game in the franchise to have online multiplayer. This tech innovation by Microsoft brought players together like never before. One of those players was Lee Fabela, who started out playing Halo when he was just 11, and knowing how toxic the online gaming community is, he was bullied by others. However, one player stood up for him and helped improve his skills and according to Fabela, they never lost a game when playing together.

When the golden era of Halo 2 was over they went their separate ways but after a few years Fabela reached out. And after Xbox added a new feature that allows you to search for players via their old gamer tags he found him and reached out. But what he received back wasn’t what he was expecting. His old friend Shaun had passed away from Leukemia.

The person who replied to his message from Shaun’s little nephew to who he had gifted his Xbox to. He was gifted it because they would both play Halo on the weekends much they used to.

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