The inflate-a-bull in Fortnite is a bubble/balloon cow suit, that inflates and envelops players when activated allowing you to bounce comically around the map. The two main uses are escaping a losing gunfight or to land safely after falling from height. It only takes a few bullets for the suit to pop so try to be out of sight of enemies when activating it.

Where you can find the inflate-a-bull?

The quickest way to grab yourself an inflate-a-bull is to visit Rick Sanchez. This infamous NPC can be found on the top floor of the IO base East of Weeping Woods. For just 25 gold bars he’ll sell you an inflate-a-bull. It’s first come first serve as he only has one per game which makes the IO base a hot drop POI. Make sure you look around before seeking out Rick.

However, if you missed out on the opportunity to grab and inflate-a-bull from Rick fear not, it’s a rare (blue) item that can be found in many chests throughout the island.

How to use the Fortnite inflate-a-bull

Once you’ve got your hands on an inflate-a-bull it will take up an inventory slot and replace your Backbling. To activate simply jump twice as if you are trying to double jump. To deactivate press your ‘use’ button or try to use a weapon.

It does have a cooldown timer which depends on the amount of time you’ve had it activated for and if it has been popped by an enemy. Please keep in mind that when activated it does kind of have a mind of its own.

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