The Legendary Iguga Cougar is regarded as one of the most dangerous legendary animals in Red Dead Online, this guide will show you how to find it.

This ferocious cougar is dangerous for Red Dead Online players and here’s how to find it if you’re up for a challenge. As the name would suggest, legendary animals are among the rarest creatures in the game. Last year an update for Red Dead Online saw the introduction of Harriet Davenport a new Naturalist Specialist Role opening a new path to players including how to track, study and hunt animals. In this new role, players go on missions with Harriet collecting samples from sedated animals to learn more about them. You are also ranked on your experience with higher ranks offering more elaborate rewards and missions.

Where can you find the legendary Iguga Cougar in Red Dead Online?

You will be able to find the Iguga Cougar in the Great Plains to the west of Blackwater. It only appears in the evening making it difficult to locate in the dark. In free roam head to the northeast of MacFarlane’s Ranch, you should find it there. Once it’s spotted you it’ll waste no time running at you, keep in mind it may see you first so make sure your eyes are peeled and your shots are accurate when hunting it. Or you can just kill it and sell it for gold or use it as materials.

Tip: Find higher ground when tackling this beast!

Map location

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