Raven Software is launching a brand new Warzone update this week which adds an exclusive Operation Flashback event to the game.

The update is now live in Warzone and Raven Software have shared the rules of the new playlist.

You drop into the 1984 version of the city as normal but when each circle starts to close you can expect an in-game public event from past Call of Duty’s to challenge your fight for survival.

These include events like, Supply Choppers, Cash Drops, Juggernaut crates, Jailbreaks, and Fire Sales.

Operation Flashback also has a dedicated item pool which veterans of Warzone may recognise them as “meta-defining” since Warzone launched.

Due to the distance between Caldera and Verdansk, Buy stations in Operation Flashback are removing items from other limited-time modes and throughout the Warzone world.

According to Activision: “While Vanguard gets Shipment and other offerings to supplement its already massive amount of single-player, co-op, and Multiplayer experiences, Warzone will be preparing for the end of Verdansk as we know it.”

Raven Software told fans: “The city and its surrounding area hosted over 100 million players for the past 18 months, and plenty has changed since March 10, 2020. From blasting back to the year 1984 to hosting ’80s Action Heroes and Hauntings, Verdansk proved to be the place to drop in again and again.

“To celebrate – and bring back –these classic moments and many more, lead developer Raven Software created a special “Operation: Flashback” limited-time mode, featuring plenty of surprises that cover Verdansk’s action-packed history.

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