An increasing amount of Call of Duty Warzone streamers/pros are beckoning for a new and improved streamer mode and to be honest, we really can’t blame them. The one at the moment clearly isn’t good enough.

A 13-year-old child was the final straw for 100 Thieves player Thomas “Tommey” Trewren. He took to Twitter to share his frustration with a video showing players finding him without seeing him, let alone his name.

The current streamer mode doesn’t really work as you can’t actually hide your name. So if you’re a popular streamer then people will know they’re in the lobby and then proceed to stream snipe. Which to us makes no sense, the idea of streamer mode is to help the streamer become anonymous so why wouldn’t you be able to hide your name? It does enable you to hide/change the name of all the other players, so if you are streaming people won’t be able to see the names of those you’re playing with. But if they aren’t playing with streamer mode on then they will still be able to see the main streamers name. It doesn’t really make that much sense.

We can see why streamers such as Jukeyz and Newbz replied to Tommey’s tweet supporting this movement.

Tommey reached out to the devs saying “They’re in our streams calling our locations and hard playing for us as Warzone has no actual working streamer mode. Please can we have a working streamer mode in Warzone?” adding “The current one that’s been in since the beginning does not work properly. It changes everyone else’s name and not your own, which defeats the point of the feature in the first place. I’d rather die to a hacker than having Jimmy and his cousins chasing me around the map.”

No replies have been sent from the devs as of yet but, is it really that difficult to add a setting that hides the name of the player? 

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