First off, let us say that the following Warzone leaks are not confirmed so don’t take these as facts. Pretty exciting though, right?

Warzone Season 2 leak suggest a new map is coming to one of the most popular BR’s to date. Some would say it’s about time, and we’d have to agree! During the past few months, we’ve had a Warzone Nuke Event leak, which rumours say will cause the map to transfer to a new Cold War map. Season 2 leak suggests that zombies will also be integrated into Verdansk.

Could this computer found in Warzone Rumble be confirmation?

Historically, Warzone leaks may not be 100% accurate but they are instrumental to gauge what is to come. Whether or not a new map will land in the Season 2 launch is still get to be officially confirmed or denied, one thing is for certain, big changes are on the horizon.

Warzone leaks and teasers for Season 2

1. Lightening

A post by Reddit user SavageSesh shows lightning over Verdansk, could this mean players will find themselves on similar terrain to the “Die Machine” Cold War map?

2. Zombies

One thing’s for sure, zombies is a massive part of Call of Duty, and with Warzone’s player base increasing by the day and everyone clawing at the idea of a new map wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to combine the two? Maybe something like Zombie Royal, this would be an awesome send-off for Verdansk.

3. Nukes

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff said in a recent video; “Maybe this means we’re going to see zombies in the future,” NICKMERCS said. “Zombies takeover, we drop the nuke, blow up the map, and we go somewhere else.”

Warzone Season 2 is scheduled to begin 24th Feb, from our end we think that big changes will be happening to Verdansk but a new map may not be on the cards until Season 3. Would you like to see a new map in Season 2?

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