While Warzone players eagerly wait for Caldera to arrive a recent leak may have revealed a third full-size Warzone map is in the works for a 2022 release.

There’s no doubt that Warzone players have a soft spot for Verdansk but after 18 months of it, you can imagine people are getting tired of it.

Luckily, players won’t have to wait long for the new Pacific map ‘Caldera’.

However, if this leak turns out to be true then it won’t be the only new map coming to Warzone. It suggests that the new map will be landing with MW2 in 2022, which could be incredible.

Leak shows Modern Warface 2 Warzone map & Ranked Game Mode

A MASSIVE leak has revealed a boatload of Modern Warfare 2 campaign and story details. However, included in this leak was information on Warzone which you’ll find interesting.

The leak by @RalphsValve claims there will be an additional new Warzone map in 2022 which is based on MW2. It’s said to be in the desert and a combination of MW2 maps and new POIs.

As well as the above, a new level of verticality was introduced by a new ‘ladder’ field upgrade as well as destructible environments.

Lastly, the leak also reveals that a ranked mode could finally be making it into Warzone but only on the MW2 map. Eventually, right?

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