Players of the popular Call of Duty battle royale game, Warzone are claiming there has been an influx of cheaters around the recent update on the 3rd of June.

Similar to many other games Warzone has had problems with cheaters/hackers. Some would go as far as saying they drop into more games with hackers than without. Is there anything more annoying than getting aimbotted from across the map? We think not…

Raven Software has recently announced they banned over 500,000 accounts and cheat selling websites and even shadowbanning cheaters so they only play against each other.

But, we all know banning an account isn’t enough, all cheaters do is create a new account and it’s as if they were never banned at all. One way to help combat this we think is by banning an IP address as well, either way, something needs to change and soon. Especially with Battlefield 6 on the horizon, we can imagine quite a large chunk of Warzone’s player base will be playing it. If there are no cheaters then who knows if they’ll go back to Warzone until it’s sorted its player base.

Warzone players are left baffled after seeing a spike in cheaters taking to social media asking why they are becoming so prevalent again.

“I thought taking a few days off would reset my matchmaking and get put into softer lobbies. but first game got tracked by a wall hacker,”

“I’d say every lobby has about 2 cheaters. Whether or not you encounter them or they are good enough to stay alive or not get shot in the back is a different story,”

“Literally every match I play for the last 5 days has had varying levels of cheaters. Lots of wall hackers around then you sprinkle in the soft lock/aimbots. This is the worst I have ever seen so far,”

“It is making it unplayable. Never has it been so bad which is a huge shame as aside from the cheaters the game has never been better,”

How much longer do Raven have until players stop playing the game completely? We’re imagining not that long as it’s been a constant for many months and seemingly nothing has been done about it.

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