The game studio Activision who are responsible for the most successful Call of Duty Battle Royal (arguably) has recognised the notorious problems with hackers in a recurring statement to their players and share Warzone anti-cheat stats.

If you play Warzone and read the “Message of the Day”, you’d have noticed the mention of anti-cheat references. Hacking in Warzone is one of the gaming’s biggest vices, as you can see from the community poking fun at their MOTD below.

Credit reddit user: u/SSMKh

You may have noticed a similar message being sent out back in April 2020 and some speculate that the subject’s reappearance is a signal that developers have finally gotten around to tackling this problem properly.

We understand his frustration, almost a year and hackers are still prominent…

Is Activision improving their anti-cheat software?

As you can see in the image above the message of the day reads, ‘Cheaters Not Welcome’ in big blue font, we work aggressively to keep Warzone fun AND fair.

* 24/7 monitoring
* ALL possible cheats, hacks reviewed
* Planned improvements to in-game cheat reporting
* 50,000+ permabans to date

You can also follow their blog for more updates on actions they’ll be taking in the future to tackle hackers when announced. In their blog, they state since release they have permabanned over 70,000 accounts. So that’s 8750 accounts per month, is that a lot? We certainly think not.

Many members of the community are laughing at this minute number compared to PUBG back in 2018 when they permabanned over a million players in one month, just a little bit of a difference. Granted, there are different factors which can come into play but 8750 per month is embarrassing in comparison.

More and more gamers are noticing the lack of improvements in the past eight months and more worryingly for Activision, the number of hackers is causing an increasing number of players to uninstall and complain about Warzone.

We do hope for the sake of Warzone that they fix this problem ASAP or who knows how much longer it will be until the player base dies.

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