Verdansk has been nuked!

The long rumoured, long-awaited nuking of Verdansk finally happened last night (Wednesday 21st April). In a special, limited-time event in the original battle royale mode, players dropped in like normal and given one instruction, ‘survive’. When players died they’d respawn as zombies, hunting down any remaining ‘living’ players while a timer ticked down from 11 minutes to zero.

All survivors were told to evacuate to avoid the ever-expanding gas clouds the zombies brought into the map at the start of Season 2. Planes dropped juggernaut crates onto the map to help those last survivors if you could make it and gunships rained down fire from above. Although this sounds like enough to fight off a horde of zombies no players survived, at least in the round we played. Once all players turned into zombies a second countdown began which saw a nuclear missile impacting just in front of the Stadium.

The build-up to this event has been going on since the start of Season 2 but you could argue it was sooner as bunkers with nuclear warheads were found last year. At the end of Feb, players learned that three monuments were actually missile silos which coincided with the introduction of the undead which first appeared at the Shipwreck POI. As the season progressed so did the zombie horde, spawning at different POIs throughout the map.

At the beginning of the week the POI where zombies were located start to emit a radiating contaminant gas, if players were to die to the gas they would respawn as zombies. These zones grew as the week progressed and almost took over the entire map during Wednesday’s event.

For now, players aren’t able to play Verdansk and are limited to smaller game modes like rebirth. You can see the glows of the mushroom cloud over Verdansk in the distance and it’s said there will be a new POI ‘Control Center’ where a building was under construction previously.

Both Raven Software and Activision have announced ‘Part 2’ will be happening today (22nd April) at 8pm BST.

Are you excited to see how the new Verdansk looks? 

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