A Call of Duty fan-created a Warzone HUD UI concept which allows you to see more information about your teammates such as, armour plates, score-streaks and more.

Warzone is the first Call of Duty battle royale to add multiple aspects of the classic online multiplayer. Not only perks but also score-streaks, weapons and even care packages plus the most innovative addition, Gulag 1v1s.

All of these additional components not including solos mean that teamwork and communication are imperative to do well. Being able to coordinate a score-streak push could be the difference between winning and losing a game. But, there are always people who play and don’t have mics which is why this fans UI concept has blown up.

At the moment you can only see 4 things on the Warzone HUD UI, health, armour, money and self-revive. So to know what score-streak your teammates have would require verbal comms which isn’t always available.

In steps, Redditor u/Abood_Abuobaid, his suggested edits to the UI include the addition of the number of armour plates being carried, perks and score-streaks. Although simple, these changes will give players a much more detailed look into how their team is set up.

this could be very helpful
byu/Abood_Abuobaid inCODWarzone

The idea blew up on Reddit sitting at over 7.5k upvotes and we think anyone else who sees this concept would agree it needs to be added to the game.

While the idea does have a couple of design flaws like being able to see the number of plates being carried may be difficult but there are other ways around how to fix this. Also, if you have terrible teammates you may not want to share your plates.

What do you think of this fan concept? 

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